Christmas Light Installation Tips From The Professionals

Christmas light installation can be tough even if you’ve installed lights before. Nothing else makes the holidays more real than seeing Christmas light decorated homes and businesses during the holiday season. Christmas light installation in San Diego is a common tradition that’s been carried on for generations now. Some people choose to hire professional Christmas light installation experts, while others choose to install lights on their own. Our company has installed lights on thousands of homes over the years and has learned the best ways to install lights safely and easily. Here are a few tips that can make installing Christmas lights easier this year.

Which Lights Are The Best?

There are many different Christmas light categories to choose from. The main things to focus on when choosing which lights are the purposes of the lights as well as your overall Christmas light preferences. Some people choose to install lights at their home for their family to enjoy, while others choose to install lights at their business with the hope of bringing more customers to their stores during the holidays. Each type of Christmas light is different and some are better to use for businesses, while others are better to use for residential homes. Here’s an overview of the different Christmas light options available today:

Indoor and Outdoor Christmas lights - Just like the names suggest, these lights are both great to use in an open field as well as inside the house.

Incandescent Christmas lights - These are small lights that are sometimes referred to as “Mini Lights.” These lights are attached to a string and usually contain 100 to 600 bulbs.

C7 and C9 Christmas lights - These are the most popular type of Christmas lights and are great to use for both commercial and residential Christmas light installations.

LED Christmas lights - These lights were introduced at the beginning of 21st century. They use light emitting diodes (LED’s), which often times appear brighter than other more traditional light bulb options.

Where Are The Best Places To Install Christmas Lights?

For outdoor light installations, we recommend installing lights around windows, along roof edges and around front doors. Installing lights around trees in the garden or around house pillars are also great places to install Christmas lights at as well. For those who like indoor light installations, we recommend installing lights on indoor Christmas trees, fire place mantels and stair railings.

Christmas Light Installation Safety Tips

Christmas light installation involves electricity, which can make things dangerous if lights are not installed properly. One of the main things to remember when installing lights is whether or not the lights you’re installing are compatible with the power outlet levels at your home or business. Voltage ratings are usually listed on the lights themselves or in the owner’s manual. Reading the owners manual is always a good idea since it lists all of the important information about the lights as well. We recommend determining the power levels at your home or business before starting any installation. That way you won’t end up spending hours installing lights only to find out that they won’t work with the power outlets at your home or business. Knowing the proper safety tips before installing Christmas lights one of the most important things to remember.

Whether outdoor or indoor, having a convenient power supply is always the best way to go. If you’re installing outdoor lights, then we recommend buying waterproof lights. This is one of the best ways to ensure safety and avoid possible electrical hazards. Hanging the lights carefully and checking for any defective bulbs or wiring is also another great way to ensure safety. Lastly, always remember to keep the lights away from children’s reach and ask kids not to play around the Christmas light installations.

Professional Christmas Light Installation

Our professional Christmas light installation company has installed lights on thousands of homes over the years. Our company is known for providing quality lighting installations at an affordable price. If you’re looking to avoid the hassle of installing Christmas lights on your own this year, hire our Christmas light installation company. When you hire our company, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your home or business is ready for the holidays. Request a free quote online at today!

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