Christmas Light Installation At The Encinitas Holiday Parade 2018

Christmas light installation is always a main component of the Encinitas Holiday Parade. San Diego locals have been attending this parade for decades. If you’re looking for a fun holiday activity this year, be sure to stop the parade on Saturday, December 1, 2018 at 5:30 PM.

Parade Details

Every year just before the parade starts there’s a tree lighting ceremony. The tree lighting will be held at the Lumberyard on Saturday, December 1, 2018 at 5:00 PM. The parade starts at 5:30 PM after the ceremony is over. We recommend getting to the parade about half an hour to an hour before it starts. It’s usually a good idea to bring camping chairs with you since there are not a lot of places to sit during the parade. Also if you’re planning on attending the tree lighting ceremony, we recommend setting up your seats before the ceremony starts and having someone from your group stay with them while the rest of your group goes to the tree lighting. That way you won’t have to rush to find seats when the parade starts.

Marching Bands, Floats, Christmas Lights And More!

Attending the Encinitas Holiday Parade is always a great way to start the holidays. Tons of local marching bands, clubs, churches and businesses participate in the parade every year. If you’re an Encinitas local, chances are you’ll see someone you know in the parade. If you’re looking to see classic cars the parade has plenty of them. This event is one of the best holiday activities in San Diego. The parade has been going on for decades and every year thousands of people attend.

Parking Information

It’s usually tough to find parking on side streets near the parade. However if you get there early enough it’s not impossible. If you’re planning on parking close it may require getting there a few hours in advance. If you want to avoid getting to the parade that early we recommend parking off site and taking one of the free shuttles. Just like last year you’ll be able to park at ethier the YMCA on Saxony Road or at Scripps Memorial Hospital Encinitas on Santa Fe Drive. Both locations offer free shuttles to the NCTD bus station on Vulcan Avenue. From there it’s about a 2-minute walk to the parade. The shuttles start at 4:00 PM and keep running until 8:30 PM.

Christmas Light Hanging

With parades, holiday events and Christmas lights, the Christmas season is always the best time of year. Christmas light installation can be a lot of work if you’re trying to do everything on your own. If you’re looking to enjoy the holidays without having to do any of the installation work, we can help. Our company has been in the Christmas light hanging industry for over 20 years! We’ve installed lights on everything from individual homes to commercial shopping malls. Contact us today to learn more about our services!

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